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We make and produce fasteners of a high quality.
Our products are a high quality foundation of each system due to processes conforming to strict norms of automotive industry and a triple quality control.

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Double thread wood screws

Double thread wood screws with a sharp tip

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Okrasné šrouby DIN 967

Široký výběr okrasných šroubů k připevnění lišt, madel či úchytek

Vybrat rozměr

Schmid Schrauben

Construction screws

A traditional screw manufacturer from Austria with a history reaching back to 19th century.
All screws are ETA certified and they fulfill all quality requirements.

Schmid Schrauben screws

We recommend

Ground screws

Ground screws are suitable for constructions without the use of concrete foundations.
Their assembly is really fast and more affordable than concrete foundations.

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Quality to success

We produce and sell quality fasteners.
Processes meeting the strict and demanding standards of the automotive industry, in addition to the in-place triple inspection system, constitute the very fundamental quality parameters of all of our products.


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From fasteners to special industrial parts

In our extensive product portfolio, you will find everything from basic fasteners to unique items for the really demanding segments, such as the automotive industry; all with assured quality.

  • Standard fasteners and product programs
  • Special drawing parts for the automotive industry
  • Aluminium construction systems

Maintaining high quality standards is the basis of our corporate strategy


We actively participate in the development and continuous improvement of products with our suppliers. We have built a separate quality department equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to these measures, we can boast of an absolutely minimal number of complaints.


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