The AUTEL division consists of a team of specialists in the field of mechanical engineering and deals with the supply of modified standardized parts or non-standard parts on the basis of a drawing or customer specification, including the assembly of subassemblies.

Complex service

We provide our customers with comprehensive service and technological support in ensuring the production of fasteners from design to serial production.

Our customers mainly include subcontractors to the automotive industry or manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment. The most important customers are companies such as Siemens, Magna, Sodecia, Brano, Brisk, Witte, Hanon and others.


Technological support and product development are the basic preconditions for successful introduction into series production. At the beginning of each project, we make every effort to clarify and resolve all aspects associated with its production and application. For this reason, a project management method has been introduced for special parts, which is applied across all processes in the company.

  • Elaboration of drawing documentation according to customer specifications
  • Design and optimization of part parameters to reduce costs, and optimize manufacturability and functionality of the part
  • Processing of calculations on the basis of received documents
  • Production of samples and elaboration of documentation according to customer requirements (PPAP, IMDS)
  • Optimization of cost of supplied parts throughout the life of the project


In order to ensure quality and price competitiveness, we only work with verified manufacturers on the basis of long-term cooperation.

  • 100% responsibility for quality and supply chain management
  • Our suppliers are certified in QS9000 / ISO 9001 / IATF 16949
  • Supply chain maintenance and development


Quality is the key for us to achieve customer satisfaction and trust. For this reason, we have built and implemented an integrated management system (IMS) for quality and environmental protection. We consistently monitor, control and evaluate all processes in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

  • In order to continuously improve the quality of the production process, a separate resident quality position has been established in Taiwan. The state-of-the-art quality department carries out thorough inspection of all delivered parts.
  • Measurements for dimensional control
  • Checking mechanical properties
  • Surface thickness measurement
  • Corrosion resistance measurement (Liebisch salt chamber - Germany)


We fully adapt logistics processes and operations to the requirements of each customer. These processes and operations are managed and developed according to the latest standards in the automotive industry. The implemented warehouse management system (WMS) into the company-wide information system (ERP) under Microsoft Business Solution ensures accurate and fault-free logistics operations.

  • Batch tracking
  • Full product identification according to barcodes (EAN)
  • Movements of "FIFO" goods
  • Ensuring product marking according to VDA 4902
  • Method of group packaging or packaging in plastic boxes according to customer's choice (eg KLT)
  • Packaging of products on automatic packaging lines of the BILWINCO brand
Skladové prostory

Product samples

Special Drawing Parts
Press Bolts and Nuts
SEMS Screws
Screws with chemical locking
Welding Screws and Nuts
“Multiheading” Cold Stamping Parts
Screws for Plastic
Other Special Fastening Parts
Brass/Aluminium Inserts

Division contacts

Automotive & Electronics (AUTEL)
+420 581 808 241