Windows programme

Windows are an important part of every construction. They provide a natural ventilation for interiors and they serve as a light source together with a connection with the surroundings since the dawn of the ages.

We are a leading supplier of fastening and achoring material and we offer you a complete windows programme, which will help you with the window manufacture and installation of all types. 

We offer:

  • Anchor bolts, so called Turboscrews – for window frame mounting
  • Screws for brace installation and fitting
  • Screws for profiel connection
  • Screws for eaves and windowsills
  • Screws for window handles
  • Window handles - normal and lockable
  • Turboscrew covers and windowsill screws
  • Bits – PH 1-3, PZ 1-3, Torx 10 -50
  • Drills – into metal, wood, concrete and walls
  • Glaze washers – for correct glass attachment in the window frame
  • Montage washers – for correct attachment of the window frame
  • Agnle key for fitting setup


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