Solid foundation for assured quality in each system

WINTECH stands out as a progressive Czech company boasting years of professional experience
in the field of industrial fasteners.

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Our long-term strategy envisions high quality products spanning a wide range of services for domestic and international customers. We believe that reliable logistics and up-to-date production facilities based on the latest technological and environmental trends lay the foundation for further and sustained development of the company. Thanks to consistent focus on the foregoing, we have developed from a distributor of standard fasteners into a company that now caters to a wide range of industrial fasteners, inclusive of parts based on special drawings for even the most demanding clients in the automotive and electrical industry.

For the purposes of serving the vast client spectrum better and professionally, the company is divided into industry-specific divisions as follows:

  • Standard fasteners and product programs for plastic window manufacturers
  • Wooden buildings, drywall systems and more
  • Special drawing parts for the automotive industry
  • Aluminum construction systems
  • KANYA - exclusive representation of the Swiss construction system
  • HAFIX and TERAFIX - facade and terrace systems developed by our company



Our fasteners come with guarantee of quality and reliability. We cater to the needs of almost all industrial segments, including sellers, craft, construction, engineering, specialized production, and exclusive and demanding production segments.

Standardized fasteners

We offer more than 25 000 types of fasteners according to DIN, ISO and ČSN standards divided into 16 product groups. Among these include wood screws, self-drilling screws, hexagon head screws, hexagon socket screws, nuts, threaded rods, rivets, washers, fasteners for furniture, anchors, bits, tools, etc. Additionally, professional fasteners and fittings are also manufactured for wooden constructions, terraces, wooden facades and other wood applications.

Since 2018, we are the exclusive distributor of the Austrian manufacturer of building screws Schrauben Schmid for the Czech and Slovak markets.

Wintech Windows

This represents our own design and development of fasteners for automated and manual production, and assembly, of plastic, wooden and aluminium windows. Under the window programme, we offer screws for mounting reinforcements, fittings, screws for connecting profiles, screws for drip edge, windowsills, anchoring elements, covers, plugs, glazing washers, bits, extensions, wrenches, drills and handles.


The AUTEL division comprises a team of specialists in the field of mechanical and automotive engineering dealing with the supply of modified standard parts or non-standard parts based on a custom drawing or individual customer specification, including assembly of subassemblies.

We provide our customers with comprehensive service and technological support that ensures the production of desired fasteners from design to serial production. Our customers mainly include subcontractors to the automotive industry or manufacturers of electronic and electrical equipment



Aluminum construction systems

The wide assortment of products and services of WT WINTECH a.s. complements the ALU division, which deals with its own customised aluminium solutions. The division has its very own technical department and its own production line affording the much-needed flexibility when addressing specific customer requirements.

Components and complete systems for photovoltaic power plants

We are a long-term manufacturer and supplier of individual components, as well as complete solutions, for the WINTECH SOLAR aluminium construction system destined for photovoltaic power plants.

We offer comprehensive solutions, including documentation, for sloping and flat roofs, open areas or facades.

KANYA - Swiss construction system

Our company is the exclusive supplier of complete range and technical solutions of the aluminium construction system Kanya AG for Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. The impressively wide range of profiles, connecting parts and accessories offered here allows you to create solutions for customers from various industries including construction, marketing and design.

HAFIX - a solution for ventilated facades

Experience gained in the field of aluminium structures provided the impulse for developing a construction system for ventilated facades. The HAFIX aluminium construction system represents a modern solution for facades of houses, interiors and buildings with a wide choice of cladding material. By combining parts of the system, one-way and two-way gratings can be made; additionally, grids for anchoring photovoltaic panels to facades, attachments for anchoring interior tiles and furniture, etc.

Custom profiles and aluminum products

Benefitting from our own technical department and production means that we are able to design individual customer solutions for aluminium profiles, inclusive of machining, surface treatment or the production of accessories.

Logistics center

In order to meet the demands of our customers, we expanded the distribution warehouse in 2020 to encompass a total area of 4000 m2. This also meant increase in pallet places from the previous approximately 5000 to the current 6350 pallet places. We have two fully automatic Bilwinco packaging lines of packaging capacity of 34 boxes / min, with an integrated ABB palletizing robot. For efficient assembly of fasteners for the construction industry, we perform strapping of screws and bolts on a technology of 350-screws capacity per minute. Received customer orders are promptly processed and delivered within 24 hours for the Czech and Slovak markets (valid on working days). We dispatch approx. 22 tons of fasteners per day.

Our clientele

Our clients are spread across the whole industrial spectrum and our fasteners serve the automotive, electrical, mechanical engineering, construction, craftsmen, wholesale, retail and other industries. To date we have in excess of 10,000 customers and currently we serve more than 800 customers each month.


Jan Brázda

Export Sales Manager
+420 739 002 390