Construction screw - a perfect choice for wood constructions

Not all screws are the same.

The main difference between a standard screw and a construction screws is in the details, which are crucial for working in construction. Due to the special design, it is better than a common fastening material. A high-quality construction screw has a sharp tip that drills into the material extremely fast without any effort.

Double Hi-Lo thread with fine grooves stops the wood from chopping near its end and helps to conduct the material from the tip. An undulated middle groove is a recognizable aspect of every construction screw and it enlargers the opening in the material, and thus lowers the resistance during drilling These important details ensure a solid and stable joint, an unrivalled drilling time and therefore save production time significantly.

A clear, professional looking joint is ensured by the pockets placed under the screws head, which hide the chips created during drilling. The pockets also stop the screw from slipping in the material. A stand-out attribute of a construction screw is the Torx star-shaped groove on the head, which transmits the power during drilling. Fully threaded construction screws with dual or cylindrical head  are especially suitable for tie beams.

The production of construction screws ensures their top notch quality. 

You can make a solid and durable joint with the help of great mechanical properties of construction screws, saving a lot of common fastening material at the same time. They are used mainly for wood-wood joints and wood-metal joints.

Construction screws are made of carbon steel and they have a coating, which treats them from outside elements. In comparison with other screws, RAPID® construction screws made by Schmid Schrauben are equipped with a noticeably thicker coating of galvanic zinc. The screws are plated with special coating YellWin 500+, BlueWin 700+ and Redwin without the addition of chrome, which makes them more environmentally friendly.

According to long-term testing in salt chambers; these coatings show exceptional results, putting the screws among the absolute best. Austrian made Schmid Schrauben construction screws have the highest European certification ETA. Due to this fact, it is fairly easy to back up their origin and quality.

We are an exclusive Schmid Schrauben bussiness partner for Czechia and Slovakia since 2017. Most of the assortment is in stock and available, including customer service at our headquarters in Přerov.

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